Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1 These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all work taken on by Duo Creative and must be agreed to by all clients before any work can commence. This is done by payment of the deposit, see section 3.

1.2 The Terms and Conditions can only be altered if approved in writing by the Managing Director* of Duo Creative.


2. Taking on New Clients

2.1 Any orders must be given to Duo Creative in writing; by email or post.

2.2 Should an order be accepted verbally by one of our employees, Duo Creative does not accept liability in the case of any mistakes.

2.3 Duo Creative always retains the right to refuse an order.


3. Quotations and Payment

3.1 Before any work can commence, the client must agree to the terms and conditions by payment of a deposit. This is 50% of the full amount as indicated on the initial, accepted invoice.

3.2 This is standard for every client unless otherwise agreed to by the Managing Director* of Duo Creative in writing.

3.3 Quotes given by Duo Creative are valid for a 30 day period from the date stated on the quotation. Should clients not respond within this period, the required services will have to be requoted and the quoted amount may vary.

3.4 The date on which Duo Creative receives the deposit will always be the start date of the project unless otherwise agreed to by both parties in writing.

3.5 The remaining 50% (or other amount as agreed to in writing by a Managing Director* of Duo Creative) will be due when the work is completed.

3.6 If a client does not agree to the invoice sent to them by Duo Creative, they must contact Duo Creative within five working days. If no communication of this sort is made, Duo Creative will take it as acceptance of the invoice and the client will be due to pay the amount on the invoice.

3.7 Final files will not be released until this is received.

3.8 All payments must be made within ten working days from the date on the invoice.

Duo Creative reserves the right to take legal proceedings to cover the costs of the services supplied should they not have received payment.


4. Content and Copyright

4.1 Once a quote is accepted the client must provide any necessary content within ten working days unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Managing Director* of Duo Creative.

4.2 Duo Creative cannot take any responsibility for any copyright and has the right to refuse any material unless sufficient proof of permission to use this material is presented.

4.3 Duo Creative cannot take any responsibility for any legal or financial information concerning our clients' that has not been supplied to us.

4.4 By accepting the Terms and Conditions the client guarantees that no copyright or moral rights will be infringed by Duo Creative in carrying out the requested work.

4.5 The client agrees to take all responsibility in the case of losses, damages, claims or expenses which Duo Creative may incur by virtue of any breach of the above warrantees.

4.6 Duo Creative reserves the right to use any work completed by ourselves, for our publicly displayed archive purposes in any medium unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Managing Director*.


5. Domain Names and Hosting

5.1 Duo Creative is not responsible for the renewal of a client's domain name or hosting. However, if the client has purchased the hosting and domain name with Duo Creative, we will make an effort to contact a client if their domain name is due to expire through a generic e-mail notifying service. If the client has purchased their hosting and domain name elsewhere, Duo Creative will still do the utmost in their power to remind the client before the cut-off point of the hosting and domain. However, when the hosting and domain name is not purchased and Duo Creative overlooks the cut-off point, they cannot be held responsible.

5.2 When a client renews their hosting through Duo Creative and a domain name was part of the original hosting package that was purchased, Duo Creative will renew the domain as well where applicable.

5.3 If the client does not renew their hosting and domain name it is possible that the domain name will be made available for purchase and sold to a third party. In such a case Duo Creative will not accept liability.

5.4 If a client has indicated interest in the renewal of their hosting package, but payment for it has not been received by the cut-off point, an additional re-applying fee will be charged.

5.5 If hosting goes down Duo Creative cannot be held liable.


6. Target Times/ Work Schedules and Liability

6.1 Any target dates and deadlines given to a client by any member of Duo Creative are purely an estimate. While we will always endeavour to meet these, Duo Creative accepts no liability for failing to meet any time schedules.

6.2 If the client suffers any loss as a result of theft, destruction, damage to any materials provided by the client, Duo Creative's liability is limited to replacement costs of the actual material.

6.3 In the case of faults in the material provided by the client, Duo Creative will not accept liability for the costs of reprinting or re-doing work.

6.4 The group will not accept liability for anything adversely affecting the client's business that might be claimed as a result of Duo Creative's provided services.

6.5 If any loss occurs for reasons beyond the control of Duo Creative they cannot be held liable. This includes: loss of power supply, machine breakdown, loss of materials, fire, storm, flood, act of god, terrorism, war and civil disturbance.

6.6 When a website is completed, the client has two weeks to make changes to the content. This only includes text and images, not changes in design. After these fourteen days any changes will be invoiced at our standard, hourly, maintenance rate.


* Fred Perry Munnelly | fred@duocreative.co.uk

* Chris Powell | chris@duocreative.co.uk

* For more information hello@duocreative.co.uk