Ending on a great note

We are looking forward to 2014 where we have big plans in place. Our new long awaited website is now launched and I must say we are all very proud of the image we are now projecting. 

We have had a great year and are happy to be ending it on such a fantastic note with our Content Management System "Duet CMS" all updated to 4.5 with many new features planned for early next year like the advancement of the eCommerce features. 

We have started our large marketing campaign with a double page spread in BBPMEDIA magazine, a half page in Tividale FC Program and our lovely advertisement board on the pitch. With many more larger marketing advertisements in place we are hoping to see an expatiation of fantastic jobs to be working on.

We have now also confirmed our newest member of the Duo Creative team "Haydn" he is a highly valued member to the team bring along new skills in Branding Design, Website Design and some great laughs!

We are also currently office hunting hoping to find our new Duo Creative home near to Birmingham. With plans to be in by June this means a lot of fun decorating to be done (Anyone want a painting party!?).

We would finally like to thank everyone of you that has supported us, brilliant friends, family and connections. We would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Years!